Although 3D vision technologies have been developed and used since many years now, it is only recently that they have proven to be cost-effective in consumer electronic products and widely used in industrial applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicle and recently in automotive safety. Fastree3D aims at producing 3D cameras that enable vehicles and machines to recognize, locate fast moving objects in three dimensions in real-time, enabling safe and intelligent actions.The next-generation laser-based 3D sensors are promising to reach new levels of functionality with faster, more sensitive, lower cost and lower power consumption camera systems. They are complemented by embedded software to facilitate application development.

The unique photo-sensor platform from Fastree3D takes advantage of  CMOS fabrication processes used for consumer electronics products to develop high precision sensors for industrial applications. Currently Fastree3D offer linear and matrix single photon detectors with system on chip (SoC) time digital counters. These  are the core component of Time-of-Flight (ToF), a technology which precisely resolves distance based on the speed of light.  The platform is able to drive state of art near-infrared illumination, such as LED and VCSEL arrays. This enables 3D cameras to extend the mobile vision operating range to situations of darkness or adverse illumination.

Fastree 3D is developing a software development kit (SDK) combining a photo-sensor module together with illumination and an embedded software pre-processing unit, to enable partners to develop advanced vision applications. The R&D program benefits from a technology transfer from EPFL Lausanne and TU-Delft resulting  in over 10 patents, it is supported by additional research at Bern University of Applied Sciences.

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